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How does Nigella sativa extract improve Sore Throat symptoms?

Nigella sativa is an annual flowering plant in the family Ranunculaceae, native to south and southwest Asia. Other names for NS include: black cumin; nutmeg-flower; roman; coriander; kalonji.

What is the Chemical Composition of Nigella sativa?

Various chemicals have been identified in NS including: linoleic acid; thymoquinone; nigellone; melanthin; nigilline; trans-Anethole.

What are the possible potential health benefits of NS?

1. Improving pain of pharyngitis and tonsillits

The authors of a research article entitled “Symptomatic treatment of Acute Tonsillo-Pharyngitis patients with a combination of Nigella sativa and Phyllanthus niruri extract” which was published in the International Journal of Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics in 2008 concluded: “This study proved Significant Benefits of NSPN extract in the Treatment of Acute Tonsillopharyngitis as compared to placebo. NSPN extract was also found to be Safe and Well Tolerated in Acute Tonsillopharyngitis Patients”.

2. Improving glycemic control in type 2 diabetic patients by reducing fasting blood glucose levels, improving insulin resistance and pancreatic beta cell function.

The authors of a research article published in 2010 in the Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology concluded: “the results of this study indicate that a dose of 2 gm/ day of Nigella sativa might be a beneficial adjuvant to oral hypoglycemic agents in type 2 diabetic patients”.

3. Lowering blood pressure

The authors of a research study entitled “Blood pressure lowering effect of Nigella sativa L. seed oil in healthy volunteers: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial” which was published in Phytotherapy Research in 2013 concluded: “Oral daily administration of 5 mL N. sativa oil to healthy volunteers for 8 weeks lowers systolic and diastolic BPs without any adverse effects”.

4. Improving hepatitis

A research study entitled Effects of “Nigella sativa on outcome of hepatitis C in Egypt” which was published in the World Journal of Gastroenterology in 2013 concluded: “N. sativa administration in patients with HCV was tolerable, safe, decreased viral load, and improved oxidative stress, clinical condition and glycemic control in diabetic patients”.

5. Improving gastrointestinal disorders

A review article entitled “Gastrointestinal effects of Nigella sativa and its main constituent, thymoquinone: a review” published in 2016 in Avicenna Journal of Phytomedicine concluded “ N. sativa and its main constituent, TQ showed anti-cancer, hepatoprotective, anti-bacterial, anti-schistosomiasis, gastroprotective, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects in animal models of gastrointestinal disorders including cancers, hepatotoxicity, ischemia/reperfusion injury, cholestatic liver, non-ulcer dyspepsia, schistosomiasis infection, colitis and panceratitis. These effects supported the preventive and therapeutic effect of N. sativa and its constituents on inflammatory, oxidative and toxic injury due to various toxins, microbes and food allergens. Clinical studies also indicated preventive effect as well as relieving effect of this plant and its constituents on various gastrointestinal disorders. Therefore, N. sativa have both preventive and therapeutic effects on gastro-intestinal diseases.”

6. Preventing post heart attack damage

7. Improving various types of cancer

8. Improving dyslipidemia

In a study published in 2016 in Pharmacological Research, the authors concluded: “NS has a significant impact on Plasma Lipid concentrations, leading to Lower Total Cholesterol, LDL-C, and TG levels while Increased HDL-C is associated with NS powder only”.

9. Providing protection against heavy metal exposure

A research article entitled “Analysis of cadmium and lead in mice organs: Effect of nigella sativa L. (black cumin) on the distribution and immunosuppressive effect of cadmium-lead mixture in mice” and published in 2007 in Biological Trace Element Research, it was demonstrated: “Nigella sativa at 10 mg/L reduced Cd levels in mice exposed to Cd by 75.5%, 83.3%, 47.0%, 95.3%, and 100% in the liver, kidney, heart, spleen, and blood, respectively, whereas blood Cd concentrations were lowered to below the detection limit of 0.05 μg/L.”

10. Reversing brain damage due to lead intoxication

In a research article entitled “Protective effects of Nigella sativa L. seed extract on lead induced neurotoxicity during development and early life in mouse models” published in 2018 in Toxicology Research, the authors concluded: “The deleterious effects of Pb during development and early life were greatly reduced when supplemented with Nigella sativa L.seed extract, suggesting its strong antioxidant and neuroprotective potentials. However, further characterization of the compounds of Nigella sativa L. seed extract is required to determine the exact mechanism by which the phytochemicals exert antioxidant and neuroprotective effects.

11. Cleansing vital organs from heavy metals

12. Improving allergy

In a research article published in 2003 in Phytotherapy Research, the authors concluded: “Black seed oil therefore proved to be an Effective Adjuvant for the Treatment of Allergic Diseases”

Fine’s Sore Throat Relief Pectin Gummies

NS and other ingredients included in Fine’s Sore Throat Relief Pectin Gummies for adults may have various health benefits including:

  • Relieving pain and inflammation of tonsillitis and pharyngitis

  • Normalizing blood pressure

  • Decreasing bad cholesterol levels

  • Relieving asthmatic attacks

  • Protecting against radiation damage

  • Protecting against heavy metal exposure

  • Cleansing vital organs from lead, cadmium and other heavy metals

  • Preventing damage of nerves due to Parkinsonism

  • Slowing down cervical cancer progression and spread

  • Enhancing removal of kidney stones

  • Preventing liver damage

  • Relieving viral infections

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